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Sabina clearly liked what she saw the last time!

After wearing a Chris Kane Fall 09 dress on the final day of last LFW, she chose a Spring 2010 dress to wear to the opening night. We like.

I loved this dress on Ms. Chopra. My only beef would be with her choice of footwear but, considering how great the dress looks on her, that’s forgiven!

Actually wait, the shoes are killing me.

P.S: Yes, the mogra is back!

Left And Centre: Sabina Chopra At Narendra Kumar Ahmed Show, LFW
Right: Christopher Kane Spring 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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  1. I don’t understand why you keep fawning over her look and style….this like her last look is clearly WTHEYY!!

    The bustier (makes her books look saggy), the print, the pleats makes the dress so fugly….
    And then the OTT bib necklace, the shoes, and the mogra…makes this entire look a true WTHEYY!!

  2. P&P, what are u ladies smokin lately? Lol. The dress which looks all dainty n awesome is a disaster on this Chopra lady. The necklace, mogra, shoes just adds to the wtheyy effect.

  3. I like this dress, even though the pattern is a little tablecloth-ish.

    I love how on the model this dress looks young and casual, and on Sabina the same dress looks age appropriate and grounded.

  4. Hmm i dont like this dress on her. Its a cute flowy dress and with that hair it looks hair. I also dont like the corsett like appearance of the dress “the shaping of the boobs” if u can call it.

  5. OMG…Did someone say- Her dress and looks are good but shoes are killing.
    O good….Thats partiality..I donnt know who the helll is the lady but her last looks -mixing mogra +dress and this bustier dress is totally fugly.
    Probably her shoes are better and her face is meant for sarees with mogra.
    This plaid +bustier this is for teeny girls

  6. I think the shoes, large neck piece and the length of the dress on Chopra, totally ruins the look. When I saw the picture I did not think they were the same dress.

  7. Seriously, the dress is ugly, the shoes are ugly and the severity of the hairstyle makes her look much, much older. The mogra with this print on the dress reminds me of a fisherwoman.

  8. I don’t care for her look at all. Why doesn’t she ever wear her hair down, it looks so severe like this all the time! The shoes are dreadful. The dress itself isn’t so bad and she does have a nice figure…..she just couldn’t pull of this look though.


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