Runway To Red Carpet

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At least we now know who to blame for the “WTHeyy” moment!

Pria Kataria Fall 08
Anupama Verma

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  1. am so glad you guys fixed whatever bug was bothering the site. good to see HHC back where it belongs — right at the top!

  2. Flower Power,
    Uh Oh! Was something wrong? We had no idea… Hopefully, next time we will be notified! Sometimes the browser works for us but not for others… and we never find out…

  3. Oh yes — for about a couple of days, all I was seeing was the logo and the home-and-about screen… the first pix came up as i scrolled down. and i think a couple of others had the same problem: noticed a couple of similar ‘bug?’ mails in the comments section.

  4. hahha.. yuck!is that muted gold or silver?@ the purse…
    man.. she has a fantastic bod for someone who is in her late 30s.. and she chooses to disappoint

  5. Please excuse the model she gets paid for her job…what is anupama thinking or does she think? She is the Paris hilton of asia


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