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When I saw Padma Lakshmi in this Lanvin Spring 2008 dress, I did think it was better suited for editorial purposes… Lo and behold, spotted Deepika Padukone in that very same Lanvin dress for L’Officiel cover…

Definitely, it makes for a better editorial dress over a red carpet one!

Deepika Padukone

Lanvin Spring 2008

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  1. You guys are always right about these kinda stuff!! This dress looked so weird on Padma Lakshmi. But its looking so fab here on Deepika

  2. Kannu sweets, i know Deepika personally and there is nothing fake about her.

    You guys are right this is a dress made for the camera.

  3. IS the above anon RANBIR 🙂
    jus a joke …dnt take it personally…i also find deepika good and giving competition to many top actress..

  4. Notice the striking resmeblance to Aishwarya in this picture…especially above the nose. this is the first pic that i found her look very much like Ash.

  5. She looks like she wrapped a shower curtain around herself. The dress is editorial but dosent work on the ry=unway either. You need a wind machine on you all the time else it is what it is… a shower curtain in an odious color.


  6. ha ha work at her fakeness!!! i think it’s hard for a model to give any expression other than that model look…ppl like ash had a tough time to be at a stage when they are not so plastic anymore. this girl is popular…she just needs some acting/expression grooming to bring something to her bland but pretty face.

    i think the cover is gorgeous. orange is nice. the thighs are photoshopped. deepika is looking good…only thing is yes that look…i think her eyes are very expressionless…they don’t say anything to you…other than “i am a good model”

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