Rounding Up The Men

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Common complaint around here is that one doesn’t get to see enough of the men… Sooo, here’s presenting an edition of… “Doing Casual: Men Ishtyle”!! Any clear favorites?


L To R: Bikram Saluja, Luke Kenny, Randeep Hooda


L To R: Milind Soman, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Rahul Bose

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ok i am not going to judge based on what these guys are wearing cause everyones is just plain blaaah…(except randeep… who is just about so so)…

    I think Milind is the nicest of the lot..

  2. Rahul gets points for being the only one not in a stupid graphic tee. But everyone here is fugly…

    P&P, as a social service please do continue critiquing men – maybe Indian male celebs will some day get a clue and starting trying to groom themselves before being photographed!

  3. Drool….Neil N.M. – I’ve got to watch Johnny Gaddar again, I’m thinking….
    Milind seems to be eating his cereal – not right to judge a man at breakfast time….

  4. Yes, why is the t-shirt in bad taste? Che Guevara has little to do with Gaza I think. Anyway, Bikram, Milind, Randeep.. all delicious eye candy. Thank you P&P

  5. Skinny jeans, printed tees and converse…so I guess they’re just 6 months behind. All groos, except for Rahul because he doesn’t look like a complete fool.

  6. Whoaaa I’m probably twenty years younger than him but MILIND looks like a bowl of Campbells soup.. mmm mm good.. I’ve always had a thing for older guys.. the young boys just don’t do it for me ahha.


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