Clutch Spotting

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Spotted on Roshni Chopra, the spanking new Prada sequin degrade clutch in the most delish color too!

Boy, aren’t we glad she got rid of that ugly Fendi!


Roshni Chopra, Telly Awards


Prada Degrade Clutch


Roshni Chopra, Swarovski Runway Rocks Show

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  1. If you really like glitter and sequins on bags, get a vintage bag from 1920s-50s.. or mesh bags from whiting and david from 50s..prada and all the new ones are no match for those.. and you won’t have 10 other women carrying the same bag as you.. that said, this is a gorgeous bag..

  2. She looks super in the light grey dress. I can’t imagine many people being able to pull off that silhouette. The clutch goes so well with the simple dress!

  3. She looks so good. And lovely clutch, but too expensive for my taste.

    But can some one tell me what this tying black thread in the ankle is all about ? I saw couple of mumbai celebrities with this.

  4. I can’t find the exact same color online 🙁 🙁 🙁

    (obviously love love love the clutch since I am desperately searching for it, not that I’ll end up buying it, but it is the season of miracles and a girl can dream!!! :P)

  5. Love the clutch! As someone mentioned very along the lines of whiting and Davis! Finally Roshini has come a long way from Our Own fashion style from Dubai!

  6. Hey I have the same question- as a TV star, how does she afford these brands?

    she is looking very pretty ofcourse. Isn’t it too big to be called a ‘clutch’?

  7. ive always wanted to know if TV serial celebrities make a lot of money to afford prada and fendi or is it really cheap? or knock offs? lol

  8. Not important how much money they make but what they do with it. Glad to see she has made good use of it by getting that clutch. *drools*


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