Romancing ‘Kotwara’


I love the label ‘Kotwara’ by Meera and Muzaffer Ali, the clothes are easy, timeless and have something so organic about them! If you happen to be in Delhi, go check out their studio/store at the Crescent Mall (they have the nicest, and most patient people working there, trust me I know!) Oh, and when in doubt about what to buy for the men in your life, head there… they have the nicest kurtas! No, we aren’t being paid to gush about them. ;)

Here’s a teeny look at their ‘Romance Of Cotton’ collection…

1-kotwara.jpg 2-kotwara.jpg

3-kotwara.jpg 4-kotwara.jpg

5-kotwara.jpg 6-kotwara.jpg

7-kotwara.jpg 8-kotwara.jpg



  1. omg who’s that chikna model in the first pic???
    By the way i love the anarkali (red one) kurta… I think i’d look better with some other color churidar n dupatta!


  2. How come these Indian designers don’t even have websites? I mean apart from a few like Neeta Lulla and Anuradha Vakil, even prominent designers do NOT have their own website which is a bit sad. I’m sure they’d do very well in sales through online.

    I simply loved these creations of meera and muzaffar. Can someone please let them know that they have huge fans overseas who would like to purchase the clothes online?

    thank you.


  3. Oh wow! There pieces are indeed beautifull- timeless and elegant!

    I second Rashmi’s point. They should really have a site where we can purchase their stuff online.


  4. Love, love, love the clothes. Especially the red & blue combo – really unusual and kewl.
    I agree with Rashmi – there’re SO many Indian designers whose clothes I’d love to buy, but they neither have stores here in the US nor do they ave websites. People, it is 2008!!!




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