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Riya Sen seems to have a thing for corset tops, long skirts, chains to accent the waist and keeping the color palette a monochrome… its unfortunate that the look doesn’t work!

At Dabboo Ratnani Calendar Launch
At The Unveiling Of A Spa


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  1. It could have looked good … lil color or somthg…i guess she is petite to carry it off …need a taller person…that said, the silhoutte has a lengthening effect alongwith the monochrome,, she looks jst a wee bit tall…

  2. you can say that again! it does not work.. she is reminding me of the ramsay brothers movie heroines.. just needs a candle in her hand, now!:)

  3. The black skirt and the chain i think spoils the first photo. I like the shade of green but her hip showing doesn’t look good. I think straight hair looks better too.


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