The How-Not-To Manual

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This is how you Not dress when playing golf.


Riya Sen


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  1. yep distantly related to Gayatri Devi…who probably has written her out of her will after seeing her photographs!!! who was bothered about her putting ..they probably had better things to focus on

  2. She’s mad brave for daring to walk on turf in stilettos. 😀

    Re. royalty, her dad is Bharat Dev Varma/Burman, a minor prince from the Tripura royal family. (R.D. Burman is from the same family.) He is Gayatri Devi’s nephew.

  3. Etiquette…mmmm…royal family or otherwise, if you dress like this, it causes discomfort…. more to others!!!Just looking at the pic itself makes me cringe. For the occasion, it is totally inappropriate and foolish. Look at the putting stance, she looks uncomfortable as well.

  4. jeeeez!!! just look at those heels! i mean how can someone wear 6-7 inch stilletoes to a golf turf! think of the damage she’ll cause 2d turf! liking her hair and make up though. but the outfit is soooo inappropriate that the hair and make up get overshadowed. i wish Riya (she is distantly related to Gayatri devi and her father is a member of the Tripura royal family) would get some crash course in fashion. she is so obsessed with looking sexy all the time, that she just DOES NOT. her sis has a better dress sense, but i guess riya is just following in the footsteps of her mother!

  5. I think she wore the low top with the intention of giving everybody a ‘view’ every now and then. She knew she’d have to bend down a couple of times while playing golf – all the better to draw attention to herself and her cleavage. And what’s with the stiletto heels on the green?? She’ll ruin the surface!

  6. she certainly doesn’t believe in leaving some things to the imagination. her relative gayatri devi is so elegant and classy. i wonder what she thinks of riya, esp after the ashmit patel controversy.

  7. i think we’re all shuddering at the thought of the turf being ruined and less concerned abt a wardrobe malfunction. its just thoughtless.

  8. hmm but this got me thinking.. is this really a golf course or just a small area sectioned off as one and is she coming from somewhere else or maybe it was an improptu thing for namesake..well inanycase it’s completely inappropriate and might i say, just foolish .. all that cleavage n the heels. her face n hair do look pretty though.


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