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In a fitted Zara suit, Richa attended the Mid-Day do. The look would’ve worked if it weren’t for the lace cami/bustier. A more toned down top and the look would’ve been a whole lot more polished and sexy without being so in-your-face. Agree?

See Aditi wear a similar Zara suit (in blue) here.

Richa Chadda In Zara At Mid-Day Bash

Richa Chadda At Mid-Day Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oh Richa, Richa. why does Bollywood STILL reduce the most confident of actresses into cookie-cutter dolls? the straightened hair, the light contacts, the plumped lips, the in-your-face dressing… is there a school all Bollywood starlets must pass through before they’re “accepted”? it’s only a rare Vidya Balan who dares to buck the trend (and we all know what happens to her on HHC) but Richa — you’re as talented! don’t try to be a Katrina/Deepika, those slots are already taken!

    • The contacts just aid in better photographs, they give a sparkling quality to the eyes- that’s marketing/photography 101. At least its not blue contacts like certain actresses have worn. She is just wearing a lighter colored contact of her actual eye color- which is brown!

      And there is nothing wrong with in-your-face dressing. The rest of the country is in the cookie cutter mould actually- wearing the regular, the commonplace, the boring.

      Let those with access to better resources and the time to use them, at least look sexy/beautiful/glamorous/filmy/whatever-else.

      I am noticing a tone on HHC where women who are glamorous and beautiful are faulted for exactly that quality.

      Just because Vidya Balan dresses like every other corporate working woman between 30-40 doesn’t make her exceptional. Nor am I among those who thinks she is bad. She is average, maybe better than average because she is really beautiful. But that’s about it.

      Seriously what’s the point of being on a fashion blog that covers glamorous celebrities if you don’t want them to be that?!

      Now I personally would criticize this look only because the shoes, the cami, and the suit don’t come together cohesively to make the look. But that doesn’t come from a place where I think she shouldn’t be glamorous or in your face or have access to straightening tongs.

      • Agreed, Puneeta. I don’t see why either groups of women are criticised for being “too glamorous” or “too bland/commonplace”. It should be about the style the woman is happy/comfortable with and whether the outfit works, translates well etc. If some women are comfortable in simple sarees, others are comfortable in suits and sheaths. So why the differential treatment?

        • Hi Mira,

          I am very much in agreement with your point re: comfort. Other than Vidya B, who I admire a lot for sticking to what she likes, and looking gorgeous while at it! I would also like to point out Deepika (supposed cookie cutter!) who is constantly ragged on for repeating her shoes- while people forget that she is a size 10 and its very difficult to get shoes in that size!

          The same goes for Sonam- I admire her fashion forward attitude. Yes, sometimes I wish she would go the Kangana route occasionally and slather on less make-up, look more “The clothes maketh the man” than the other way around. But still, I follow her on Instagram, because she seems like a little child in a toy store, that kind of infectious love for fashion is rare to see.

          Ultimately, I think these sort of comments are disrespectful of Richa, considering she is one of the most intelligent actresses, do you think she is one to follow trends without thinking it through?

      • I think you are not getting the point that Senorita was trying to make.. May be the below points might help

        – No one is taunting women for being glamorous or pretty.
        – Senorita’s concern is around lack of an identity and following the cookie cutter mentality
        – Kiran Rao may not be as glamorous as Deepika/Sonam but she has her own style and people appreciate that. Same with Tisca Chopra or Neha Dhupia. I love Kangana too..She is glamorous but manages to separate herself.
        – As far as Richa goes, I would agree that she needs to retain her own identity than follow the band wagon
        – Vidya should be kept off this blog. She doesn’t get fashion and has said it a 100 times. Let’s respect her for her acting skills and spare her this misery.

        • Another example would be Chitrangada Singh. She was refreshing in Hazaaron Khwaishe Aishi…She had a spark…But then she followed the cookie cutter bollywood mentality and now she looks just like any other actress.., I could care less for her…I hope Richa does not lose that appeal.

        • Also Kiran Rao is not an actress. She has no responsibility/desire to look good for her fans.

          Both Neha and Tisca are not mainstream actresses, so there is no comparison.

          • I dont get your point Puneeta…Are you saying that every mainstream actress should look glamorous or a certain way…If that’s the point you are trying to make then I certainly disagree…I think every actress should retain her individuality rather than ape what others are doing? Its like saying all actors should have six pack abs despite they know to act or not…

          • Puneeta, your points of “following marketing photography 101’s, Neha and Tisca not being mainstream vs Richa being mainstream,” imply main stream actresses should look a certain way.
            That’s what the others disagree with.

          • Yes, I do think moviestars should look glamorous. But that’s my personal opinion.

            Here my point is that Richa decided that she wants to look glamorous. And she is instantly derided for that. Does she look uncomfortable? No! Could the look have been better styled? Hells to the yeah! Does she look like a movie star diva? YES!

            Lets give her some respect shall we, if we really admire her? Give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s trying something after having put much thought into it.

            Rather than assume that she is a blind follower- which is what “cookie-cutter” means.

    • I agree! It really does seem that Bollywood actors look like clones of each other. It’s only a rare Mandira Bedi who cuts her hair short; Konkona Sen Sharma, Nandita Das and Kiran Rao (albeit not an actor) who seem to have a tiny amount of individuality and ownership in how they express themselves sartorially.

  2. Richa is channeling her inner smuggler – what with the jaali wali banian and white shoes.

    Btw, just how brilliant was she as ‘Bholi Panjaban’

  3. It is very parisian to wear a lace cami..Either make the upper half look sexier or bottom. She did really well and it is not too much…although the cuts are little tackier…we havent mastered the no make up make up yet so it do not look very natural…

  4. That is a nice suit, but the lace cami gives it a cheap/tacky/”come hither” look (especially that side shot). The white shoes are kinda bright. The ankle strap make her appear shorter – she needs a nude sling-back with this.

  5. this is not high fashion. it’s rather tacky and she looks like she’s right out of a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue trying to sell their cheap lingerie with their even cheaper clothing.
    neck up she looks pretty, though.

  6. She really looks good, lace or not.! Why the perception – wearing lace considered to be too hot/OTT? Atleast she’s tried something different and that ‘something’ absolutely looks good. Kudos, for her confidence..x

  7. whew! what an exchange. my view- lace cami is a no-no and the fit of the pants is a bit off.
    I believe the trend among some of the newbies in bollywood is to appear most commercially viable through clothes/image perception etc etc.. guess they need to be confident and stick to their persona rather than trying to wear someone else’s..

  8. anything other than a sexy top makes a suit look boring and corporate. Richa is bautiful, and she has every right to glam/sex it up! Else she will be slotted as a character actress, esp with her warm skin tone. considering how most starlets look, richa looks sleek!


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