In Comparison

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While the first appearance was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, Richa sure turned it around in the red Zara dress. Just wish she hadn’t paired the dress with those chunky sandals.

P.S. That’s an Anusha Lalwani clutch on her on the left and a Zara dress on the right.

Left: at Gangs Of Wasseypur Success Bash
Right: at Vibrance Festival Glamour

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. geez someone teach this woman that putting ur entire rack on display doesn’t equate to being fashion forward/modern
    and the yellow cutout thing is such an eyesore

  2. how to feel “confident” wearing such clothes? (black dress) i would be worried all the time if the dress is gonna slip away 😀

  3. Thumbs DOWN on the black outfit: make-up, hair, neckline! She looks sooo much better in the red dress…I almost did a double-take as it looks like 2 different people lol!

  4. If I’d been wearing dat black dress, I’d be scared to put my hands in d pocket, wat if i pull it down further??? ohhhh gawwddd, i won’t be caught dead in dat black dress!!! it’s a malfunction waiting to happen. I like d yellow neck-piece, though!!


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