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Rhea attended an event last week wearing separates from Rishta By Arjun Saluja. While I like each of the pieces individually, the additional line the hem of the black jacket added just threw off proportions. Oddly, the stylist also shared a pic which had Rhea tucking her hands in the pant pockets and the shirt riding up as a result made it look better.

What did you think?

Rhea Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hahahahaha…honestly I burst out laughing at this sighting. The kuch bhi and hogwarts comments above so perfectly capture it :)))))))))))))
    In the name of fashion, peddling Emperors new clothes….

  2. This reminds me of my career choices I was trying to make while growing up… Let me be a nurse…half way down…lawyer wud be great…

  3. Grabbed popcorn and came for the comments:)

    Agree that pic 3 is the best.

    It is very Japanese/Korean inspired as Vish said. It’s fine enough but the wearer and the clothes are not entirely compatible.

    PS: Not everyone’s cup of tea for sure but the Kapoor girls are unafraid of going a little bit out there.

  4. One seriously wonders- what is the Rishta between the gift wrapping ribbon like tie ,the over sized jacket, the kurta-esque shirt and the palazzo pant! Is it so cold in Mumbai that she decided to dress in layers?


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