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Rhea attended Punit Balana’s show at Lakme Fashion Week in Feb showing off the designer’s first look on social media but attending the show wearing the bralet over a cropped tee and pairing it with the blazer and black cargo pants.

Was she successful in wearing the bralet over the tee or should have skipped the bralet altogether?

Rhea Kapoor

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. If you wear men’s shoes, oversized men’s pant and stand in front of a fan after washing your hair with shampoo then suddenly “highly fashionable & cool & hot”? lagna shuru kar jaayenge kya?

    Ekdum bakwas!

  2. How someone can wear such horrendous clothes and show up like that on the red carpet AND call herself a stylist/fashionista is beyond me.

    And while we are still mourning famous talents like Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, seeing such folks like Rhea (am sure she is a wonderful as a person), only goes to show how mediocrity grabs more eyeballs in Bollywood than genuine talent who do an amazing job while they can and silently say good bye into the sunset…:’(

    • Seriously! I wish getting into movies was way more difficult than being born in a star family. Given the huge divide in the amount and quality of talent that comes from filmy families v/s genuine struggles.

  3. Successful??? Wouldn’t you rather question whose clothes, sizes and styles has she worn into ? like from which world is it even

  4. I like the way she put this together – not everyone has to dress in a classic Karisma Kapoor way. There is a subset of the population (i.e. me) that thinks she marches to her own beat and manages to look good most of the time. I know this blog is to discuss fashion choices but the way some of you come down on her is just harsh and unnecessary. What was the need to bring Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor into this? Kuch bhi.

    • It’s because of two major talented actors leaving us suddenly reminds us of the stark difference between the talent/no-talent set. The latter being the one that operates simply on the privilege of nepotism. In tough times like this, more people tend to reflect on such things and opine on the value (or lack thereof) that these minor nepo celebs bring.

    • Bang on, I haven’t been able to push away overwhelming sadness of Irfan khan’s demise but that has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

      It’s like saying so many people are dying of Covid, but people are doing the brush, traditional clothes challenge on Instagram.

      People die, but life goes on. That’s the reality of life.

    • Also lol, the poster forgot to notice, the said picture is from February lol. Just shows us, how world is full of people who like to pull others down just based on, how they dress lol. What a major crime rhea has committed!


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