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Wearing a black Jade sari, Rhea attended the label’s 10th anniversary special exhibition and fashion show on Tuesday evening. I like the idea of the vest jacket pairing but I didn’t like how it was worn.

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Rhea Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kind of sleazy.. just a bit. Sheโ€™s looking good sexy but the double drape on both sides, looks like a blouse opened up exposing the halter and pallu had to be pinned at the center !

  2. Why can’t she dress normally? She looks really bad and makes you feel conscious for her, even though she is not really wide or big.
    The top makes her look really big for some reason.

  3. Can’t remember a single time she looked graceful. It simply proves one thing: either you have grace or you don’t. Clothes, accessories, jewellery, cosmetics and the rest can never make up for it.

  4. Can we show them the pictures of normal, everyday, boring, working, non glamorous, non designer, non bollywood, no stylists, no designer wear sporting, no make up, non quirky, no fashionista….. ladies from our own neighborhoods…who look super awesome, amazing, elegant, confident and who give us major saree goals…. wearing the simple saree the way it should be worn.

  5. Seriously for the first tym in my life i was scared to click on the pic as i thought it is some sort of horror movie’s ghost kinda thing i was like might be a ghost look reveal of some show or movie,…hell when i opened it i was lyk shit this looks really similar to some c grade vulgar actress who’s all about exposure….this outfit really really sucks

  6. I somehow don’t find it appropriate to comment on people who are not in the limelight ie relatives of stars.but since Rhea is a stylist, she fails miserably,to be bluntly put.

  7. ughhhhh I can never understand this one boob show. Feels like these celebrities try hard to look trashy, so even with nice sarees they have, it’s must to create a drama with one boob out ugghhhh. You can still look sexy with draping your saree properly ๐Ÿ™


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