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Earlier in the year, Yashraj Films tied up with KarolBagh Sari House to create a cinema inspired fashion brand called Diva’ni.

The first collection was showcased on Friday which marked the first birthday since director Yash Chopra’s passing and presenting it were nine of his leading ladies and SRK.

Catch all of the ladies inside.


Rekha and Shah Rukh Khan at Diva’Ni Fashion Show


Sridevi and Parineeti Chopra at Diva’Ni Fashion Show


Anushka Sharma and Madhuri Dixit at Diva’Ni Fashion Show


Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta at Diva’Ni Fashion Show


Katrina Kaif and Juhi Chawla at Diva’Ni Fashion Show

Photo Credit: JustJared

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  1. So OTT. There are no ornaments left for the Christmas trees this year, they are all on our Yash Chopra heroines. What happened to Rekha? Normally so well turned out but the drape is quite a mess here. I think we can safely say that the best dressed was definitely SRK.

  2. Oh ho! Kya baat hain!

    Firstly can i just say Madhuri’s hair and make-up is gorgeous! She looks really really good! But shame about her outfit, the lengha part of the sari needed to be longer (floor length).

    Now lets talk about Rani and Preity. I feel like i’m watching Veer Zara all over again. Not a bad thing, i like the way they look especially Preity! Very nice!

    Rekha and Shahrukh – nothing new, they look the same as they look off the runway dressed the same way as they dress off the runway! Yawn.

    Katrina beti, next time check fittings to make sure waist band is elasticated or little loose, it will look more flattering.

    Finally Sridevi and Anushka? Tribal headgear show or what? No approved by Kanchanmasi – not AT ALL.

  3. most of the looks are not very good. over the top, too gaudy, nobody looks modern or the portray the modern indian women that yash raj used to show in his movies.

  4. Sridevi looks glorious even in that OTT lehenga. She trumps all of them who are younger to her on that ramp. Anushka and Katrina look nice. Parineeti fails because i don’t want to see muffin tops. Same applicability to Rani but at least she has a chunni over it. But that color is so awkward and loud on her skin tone. Rekha ji maintains her usual style. Juhi, no words. I think they gave her the tackiest of the lehenga on the rack. Preeti looks her veer zaara days but that silly pose is just lawl worthy.

    • I don’t see the muffin top on Parineeti or Rani. What I see instead are terrible clothes with an awful fit. Katrina, who is pretty much the epitome of fitness, looks like she has flab too. None of these women “failed” in any way… the clothes failed them.

  5. Some of the tackiest and most gaudy outfits. I only liked what Rani and Katrina wore. even the accessories are so OTT. Rekha’s saree looks like something taken out of her closet.

  6. Sri is the best…So cute, young and energetic.
    All are wearing heavy costumes only..Could have better and simple costumes just like his films-Chandni, Silsila, etc….

  7. Some of these ladies (Parineeti, Katrina, I am looking at you!) must hit the gym more! When someone like Madhuri Dixit, who has 2 children, is in much better shape than girls almost half her age, it is time to hit the gym hard!

  8. Err….whatever happened to the beautiful, elegant chiffon sarees that Yash Chopra always made his heroines wear? Surely THAT would’ve been far better than all the OTT designs on show here! Some of these are horrendously tacky and to think Yash Chopra’s heroines on screen always represented class. Yash Chopra might be turning in his grave…

  9. Yash Chopra’s leading ladies have always been so well dressed in his movies and always looked gorgeous. But at this show… I can’t find any word in the dictionary to describe how messed up they all look in those OTT outfits.
    As much as I wouldn’t want to say this.. Mr. Chopra must have moved a bit in his grave looking at this show! This new brand better get their act right or else Adi Chopra will summon a disassociation sooner than we imagine.

  10. Poor Yash Chopra must be turning in his grave
    The one thing the man always knew how to do is style his leading ladies
    And his asthetic in clothes was always simplicity,
    This is the total opposite of that! Not sure why Yash raj is associating with this crap. Ruins their brand

  11. Sridevi and Anushka carrying whatever they are wearing with grace and beauty … my god! can’t believe that still Sridevi can look this stunning … ! but what happened to kat ?! she is looking like she just got released from the hospital … so pale ! Mad and Juhi need to work on their facial expression … otherwise they look good ! rani loloks interesting … in a good way 😉 …

  12. Madhuri looks stunning..just wish her sari was longer..but perfect hair and makeup..what a smile 🙂 like anushka’s outfit too..but dont like the hairstyle with it.

  13. These are horrible and OTT. This is far far far away from anything that might be considered fashionable. Disappointed, this could have had a lot of potential

  14. Did they confuse Yash Chopra with Karan Johar?? Like many of the others, I miss the elegant aesthetic of the Yash Chopra heroines. I was just watching Chandni the other day and the sarees and suits in it are so timeless, even after two decades you could wear most of the outfits in a heartbeat.

  15. so disconnected. rani and parineeti chopra’s outfits are the best. the rest look so cheap. who styled them?? awful. I heard from a reliable source that, when shown the outfit she was meant to wear, katrina refused to wear it unless they changed the colour.

  16. Everyone of these women needs to run as fast as they can… away from these awful clothes. They look like middle aged guests at a Delhi wedding after the buffet was served. Not a single redeeming look.

  17. You know what would have been great… all of these ladies donning chiffon saris in solid or ombre colors and sexy blouses. That’d have blown things away wayyyy better. *daydreams about Bollywood ladies in simple chiffon saris*

    These outfits blew my brains away. Now I can’t think.

  18. I came back to look at the photos and couldn’t resist the urge to share what these folks might be thinking on the ramp.

    Rekha: OH NO! wait till you see the others… *wicked smile*

    SRK: She’s right! I can’t wait for all these ladies in hedious outfits to walk on the ramp.. it’s like my birthday has arrived a month earlier!! *wink wink* *forces fits of laughter*

    Sridevi: If you think this is OTT, you’ve got to be kidding me. You should go watch me play Pallavi and Benazir to see what OTT is. *teehee*

    Parineeti: I KNOWWWW!! I’m wondering the same. What IS this thing I’m wearing? *looks down at her dress & giggles*

    Anushka: I think I look the best of all. That’s because all this ugliness is almost invisible in this black sari. At least my face saves the day. *phew* *mile-wide smile*

    Madhuri: My lips are sealed! I just did what they asked me to do. It’s like being in a YRF movie, no? I think I look cute. *looks in the mirror barefoot; then goes off to put on the shoes humming ‘kuchh tum bolo kuchh hum bole o dholna’*

    Rani: I am the reigning queen of YRF! (Yours, Rani! Forever!) Hello! Don’t you see my palace depicted on my ghaghara/skirt? *smiles coyly*

    Preity: I played the Zaara, remember? I still have clothes and jewelry I wore a decade ago so I just requested if I can use the same ones today. I’m loving this (vintage) look. Don’t you? *batting eyes*

    Katrina: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I am officially stuck wearing these “sheila ki jawani” outfits for rest of my life. *grrrr*

    Juhi: Yes, yes, YES! *covers her face with hands* I got the leftovers, but hey, I’m pretty enough to don this floral mess of a dress. OK? I was once a Yash Raj gal too and that’s a BIG deal. Plus, this skirt almost looks like a chiffon sari so I said why not. *forced smile*


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