Kangna On Cine Blitz: (Un)Covered

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Film magazines are not only in love with Kangna this month but also with outfits seen on the LFW runway. After Filmfare we now have Cine Blitz featuring Kangna in a Nikhil Thampi cutout floor-length top with kathakali motif pants.

You like?


Left: Nikhil Thampi, LFW Winter/Festive 2013
Right: Kangna Ranaut on Cine Blitz Oct 2013

Photo Credit: JustJared

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  1. Why is she being so gimmicky? What’s the use putting her on the cover if one can’t recognize it’s her? I wish she would just stop with the ghoul look. It’s becoming stale now. I love the Nikhil Thampi but on her, not so much.

  2. I like the cover photo but i don’t like the hair. It’s poorly executed and for the look i think they were going for it isn’t high enough or voluminous enough!

    Secondly the background colour is so dated like a ‘Stardust’ magazine from 1985

  3. i had seen this on the website – pernia pop and loved it .. and thought which celebrity would dare to wear it.. i should have known.. the no eyebrow look is kinda scary but the outfit is just superb

  4. Dear Kangana, your new found girls have been flaunted enough. Give it a break, will ya. ;P On second thoughts, I don’t exactly know if i should actually address it to her because that face is not hers. o_O

  5. My main gripe with this entire look is the hair/makeup. If these two had been better, this cover would’ve looked much much better. I think the dress suits Kangna’s personality but I’m just sick of her creepy makeup that she always has on nowadays.

  6. You girls actly asked “you like?” I say wats not to like its a bloody brilliant cover. Yes, I agree the background is puttin me off but I love the McQueen like external species make up n she is actly pulling it off really well.
    Nikhil Thampi ur the next big ting in fashion mark my word.
    Infact u should start modelling too u look soooo good. M crushing away.


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