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We don’t know what’s worse. Rekha following the Bachchan uniform code or just her appearance!

P.S. Guess who was also in velvet at the same do. See inside!


Rekha at the 2009 Stardust Awards


Amitabh Bachchan at the 2009 Stardust Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Interesting, the infamous “couple” both don velvet. Eww to the two. Rekha does things in extremes I guess, either OTT gold and wedding like clothes to the very depressing witch like look here.

  2. WOW this is hilarious both are wearing ghastly outfits…wats up with the bachan clan and thier velvet obsession…this is one material that should be out of the wardrobe!

  3. i think i prefer Rekha in her Kanjivaram sarrees and OTT makeup and jewelry. notice she even has black nailpolish to match her saree – guess she cant stay away from her match much style.

  4. i think its ok. unlike usual, the makeup is not ott.. though, this is the first time.. i’v seen a velvet sari. anybody but rekha.. and it would be really bad.

  5. wait
    is this a velvet sari? or a dress? i cant figure out what it is

    i knew the bachhans had a velvet factory! i guess now they use it for pressies too πŸ˜‰

  6. ok i think im a lil bit wierd for sayin this but i think rekha looks nice……i mean keep in mind she s 50+ and some how she makes it look ..umm.attractive!? in a wierd delutional sort of way and i mean she truly looks like the diva she is! i mean no one and i mean NO ONE could pull ths off u have to admit that and mr. Bachan ..to me u used to be an icon but ur this whole sex sam impersonation in real life is really startin to lose respect from me….i mean its ridiculous ..R-I-D-C-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I totally dislike Big B after he took this Sexy Sam persona in his public life! I respected him too…I loved the Bachchans…and phir pata nahi kya huya! Oh well.

    But the velvet coincidence is hilarious! Is Rekha following the Bachchan trend? LOL!

  8. What happened to Madame Re????? I could not believe this picture when I first saw it.

    This is definite, the Bachchans have a velvet factory, or no wait, Amar Singh has a velvet factory…

  9. lord!!! i have so many things to say that might not be appropriate..

    the bachchans with all their pretentious crap shud know that velvet isnt classy.. so they shudnt indulge in it..

    and rekha.. she is a sad mess!

  10. in mumbais oh so hot weather.. they chose to wear velvet??? aiyayayiii… rekhas makeup is spot on tho.. and thank god she ditched her jhakas jewellery…

  11. Hahaa…the comments here are too funny. I am missing Rekha in her bright colors now. She totoally surprised us here! Trying to go perhaps for a simple black classy look but ummmm..it fell flat. It’s looking depressing. Atleast her lip color could have been brighter but it’s not.

  12. recession ki wajah se bachchan khandaan ne valvet ka ek than hi mangwa liya hoga or sab ne usmain se apne apne suit banwa liye.. jo bacha hoga use rekha ko parcel kar diya.. LOL

  13. ok so is it a sari or what???

    i didnt know such things as velvet saris existed in this world

    God i so hope no such trend ever catches on

  14. wrong wrong wrong on so many levels – I might get berated for saying this cos Rekha is a legend but most of the time she looks over-done, too much makeup, frizzy big 80’s hair and ott jewellary… she looks ghastly here but to be honest the woman is stuck in a time warp…

  15. i think she does it for shock effect..
    but, come on, you hav to give it to her, to pull off a velvet sari.. that’s just amazing. o and she looks fine, like she normally does.

  16. oh my god where is Jaya, look at these two stylish people and Jaya wearing a camel color dated salwar kamiz on the other pic, what a difference, aging doesn mean you have to wear Auntie je attire rekha is it

  17. ok i ddint read all the comemnts but lol at Koel, Surbi and Ritz…and Koel again, that doesnt look liek a saree it just looks like a looooong piece of cloth…seriously, I had no idea they made velvet sarees…she does indeedy look like a witch!! ewwww…this has got be the biggest WTHeyyyyy for me, bcz atleast with the others you know their stuff exists..but a complete velvet saree..that too in balck….and just when I think nothing can top it there comes the jacket…seriously…tut tut

    oh and ps at Tehzeeb..its R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S…haha your spelling’s wrong…lol only pointing it out cause you were spelling it…lol

  18. I will tell you what is really sad, all of you saying such nasty things about her but the irony is all this makes rekhaji even more famous and a bigger diva. Whatever any one says she is a true legend otherwise she would not get more comments than any one on this forum at 50 plus. Bravo rekhaji you have done it again. xx


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