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Wearing Manish Malhotra sequin saris, Regina and Lakshmi attended their make-up artist, Sandeep Molugu’s celebration soiree of being in the business for 10 years. Between the two, much preferred Lakshmi in her sari. The simple low bun and red lip worked well. As for Regina, didn’t care for the harness blouse nor the wet hairdo.

Regina Cassandra and Lakshmi Manchu

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  1. How starklingly different regina’s saree look in light..if only she could wear this saree with different blouse pattern

  2. I like the concept of a sequined sari, this could have been so classy had there been no gaps between the sequins… MM has some good taste and takes “inspiration” from the right places but always fails so miserably in implementation.

  3. Lakshmi looks lovely, a good drape and blouse elevated the look so much vs how the rest sport MM with the spaghetti and boob show drape.
    Love how she went with hair and make up as well. Here to how to do justice to the saree and Own the look !!! Well done

  4. My curiosity was piqued and i checked Ms Manchus previous sightings and must say i was quite impressed with her sartorial choices that were quite unique and the consistently elegant drape on her saree.


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