1. Thats a tough choice, but I’m going to help you out! Raveena’s is horrendous but Divya Dutta wins with that messy strap clearly trying to escape the godawful blouse!My eyes hurt….

  2. Divya wins(loses?) hands down. One bit of advice. Do NOT wear a saree if you can’t wear it decently. Atleast Raveena is wearing it right. But that’s not a save either.

  3. oh my god! wat the hell is happening 2 divya’s blouse? how can people step out in such monstrosities? raveena’s sari is still tolerable and she looks better.

  4. yikes!!! @ the purple disaster…firstly its not draped well and on top of that, she has her bra strap showing through the see through blouse.. and i think she is looking flat!.. atleast raveena is wearing the blinding creation right..but the jewellery doesnt seem to match

  5. I want to know the name, address, location of Raveena’s personal trainer and nutritionist? Every time I see her pictures, she looks thinner.

    Too bad her style statement is STILL heavily borrowed from the 90s!!!

  6. Raveena’s is better but not by much.. although her FACE! Holy shmoley she looks gorgeous! So fresh! Now THAT’S a good makeup artist.. although a little heavy but nonetheless she looks good!

  7. Raveena looks great, she should have removed the necklace, its an overkill, but I guess its okay… but Divya needs to burn that blouse, she has sooo much talent, just needs to market herself better. All these girls need to take a page from Kate Moss’s diary and realise to reinvent yourself and more importantly to make yourself into a style ICON…it helps ones career a LOT

  8. What in the world is Divya wearing?! And what’s wrong with raveena’s nose and eyes?? I can’t stop staring at that ill fitting net thingamajing and strap. Wow I’m all frizzy in my brains by staring at divya. Raveena whatever you did you’re looking like a mongolian caricature. Oh God.

  9. honies,,u are right ravena has a face job but nose job,,i am an expert on things like this.she had fat injection in cheeks so under her eyes looks fuller and cheeks are plump that is why the nose seems smaller..look how under her eyes are like swollen..when u get old u lose fat on ur cheek and fat injection is the best to get the youth back

  10. maybe the obvious facelift by Raveena is just a way to get the attention away from the dreadful sari they made her wear. It sure works in my case. Her eyes look different, more slanted. Her whole face seems to have been pulled back. Maybe it needs to settle in…

  11. Hmm, her face looks a little odd, but I think it’s just the makeup and the photography, I’ve been googling her images and she looks the same, except for weight fluctuations. And it doesn’t make sense that she’s trying to lose weight but yet fill her face with fat injections??

    Divya.. is always trying way to hard..
    & RAVEENA.. oh dear.. she’s gone under the knife for sure.. looks to bright faced and pulled up here.. LOL ROFL

  13. all sarees look good on raveena she has a photogenic face enjoyed viewing her caps hope to see more nice comments for her . eagerly waiting for the episode to be telecasted soon on 9x this saree also suits her & looks a slight plump but awesome hope will receive nice comments also


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