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Whatever interest Ms. Tandon brought to this dress by way of the belt, she lost that and much more by wearing those ugly rosette sandals with this dress. Our favorite is still Priyanka. Yours?


Left: Priyanka Chopra at Nokia Event
Right: Raveena Tandon at Araish Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Priyanka’s fierce sandals over Raveena’s rosette-embellished horror any day, but neither look work for me. Give me Raveena in PC’s footwear. PC should have either worn those sandals in a banana yellow or an electric blue to add a pop of color to her outfit or accessorized with a belt (Stella McCartney’s wide-quilted waist belt or Temperley London’s Lalita leather belt would totally sharpen the dress) and obviously, given her hair some much needed love, but that goes without saying. Right now her outfit looks too insipid and uninspired. And with Raveena, the problem starts and ends with her footwear.

  2. If only Raveena had worn sexy red pumps or even peep toes…sigh. Can I be her stylist? Her curves actually give more oomph to the dress!

  3. This dress is totally made for Piggie! To wear this kinda dress a WELL toned body is a must! And yes PC’s shoes are great as well. Also one should not wear earrings with such a dress..a miss for raveena!

  4. Raveena looks gorgeous. You can just tell she is the kind of woman who looks beautiful first thing in the morning. She has never had to try too hard as she is blessed with such a beautiful face. She looks stunning minus the sandals i must add…
    Priyanka on the other hand. What a mission it must be for her to get ready. A ton of make-up, her hair must take forever and she still gets it soooo wrong. Priyanka does look good here but there is always something missing. She looked so much better in her ‘mujhse shaadi karogi’ days with her long flowing hair. Her hair is all wrong as is her obsession with itsy bitsy teeny weeny dresses….

    • Agree. Ravs just has it naturally-doesn’t come so easy to many as is apparent with PC. Girl gets (and still needs) so much help and yet just can never look a 10 out of 10. Ever.

    • How isthat dress ‘itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny’? Its barely a few inches above the knee!!!surely she is allowed to flaunt her knees!!! or must her ankels be covered at all times?

      • well lets not nitpick 😉 she does usually wear itsy bitsy stuff – sometimes to the most inappropriate places.

        that said – i LOVE that Raveena wore this dress. I HATE her shoes and she has terrible taste at the best of times. but I am tired of these size zero women being the standard. I don’t think priyanka looks better than raveena simply because raveena’s curves fill the dress out better than the usual stick insect models.

        why cant real women wear dresses? go raveena! and to all those who think she’s a stunner, i have to agree… so much natural beauty compared to those who are starving, plumping lips and getting fugly hair extensions

  5. Raveen would have ben on par with Priyanks sans those heels, her face and hair look stunning and the belt adds interest-those chappals are to be worn with a blingy Indian outfit-wonder what she was thinking??

  6. I like Raveena..she actally ‘wears’ the dress..so she isnt perfect with the shoes…so what?! I totally prefer her bright ‘Im wearing my attitude’ look over ‘Ms trying hard to be sexy and perfect’ Chopra..but thats just me….

  7. raveena looks soooo beautyful
    after a long time she is looking so beautyful,radiant,sexy and the word which is only used and is suitable for raveena which is RAVISHING
    to be frank 90″s actresses are soo far more beautyful than after 2000 actresses

  8. That is my main reason why I like Raveena so much. She doesn’t care about this one is wearing this so I have to force and be like that. she does what her heart tells her. she doest care about fashion, her heart is her fashion. If you have that kind of thinking you become free. God bless you Rav. Priyanka too is looking good.


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