In Dolce And Gabbana

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Not many may agree but I absolutely love the Dolce and Gabbana sculpted shoulder silk top… it’s whimsical and edgy all at once. Love.

But…and there’s always a ‘but’… the hair, neon pink lips and the bag are such a downer!


Avanti Birla At Jimmy Choo Event


Left And Centre: Dolce And Gabbana Spring 09
Right: Jimmy Choo Sky/L Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style

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          • But that’s just the thing isn’t? It’s not even about designer labes, the outfit isn’t unwearable (no peice is unwearable). It’s about her personal aesthetic, that doesn’t really fit with most of ours. To say that the fashion itself is the cause is what I don’t like about the phrase. She’s not a VICTIM. To me, it’s like saying anything other than traditional art isn’t beautiful :/ It’s not even about the designer, it’s about the idea.

      • Absolutely- a total and complete FASHION VICTIM- this top is too whimsical to be worn off the runway- except by someone statuesque and immensly confident- Sonam kapoor is the only Indian fashionista wwho comes to mind.
        The make up , the hair and the bag (which is nothing spectacular by itself and even worse when combined with this top) all accentuate the feeling of a little girl wearing her mother’s lipstick and heels- or in this case, a fashion ignoramus in haute couture.
        I, for one, am sick and tired of her taking beautiful, radical peices like this one or the YSL jumpsuit and cheapening them with inappropriate accesories, hair and make-up. She should stick to simpler peices, visit a hair stylist to sort out that over-processed hair and choose a better shade of lipstick.
        ******************END OF RANT********************

  1. I don’t think there is a better way to highlight this bag. So even if I don’t really care for the bag, I like the pairing.

    my 2 cents, the sleeves might work better on a cropped jacket than on a top. The close neck and the sleeves seem a bit overwhelming. The models look better also because they not too covered up other than with the top.

  2. The top is very avant garde and would have looked fab if Avanti had styled it well. She has the petite frame to carry it off.
    Somehow, Avanti always reminds me of Victoria Beckham.

  3. I thought no one will repeat this lipstick faux pas after Gauri Khan(at some film award function )But Avanti doesn’t believe in learning from others’ mistakes.And pairing a high end top with regular black trousers is no Fashion could have looked better with better bottoms,hairstyle,shoes,handbag ,makeup and expression!!!Maybe next time!

  4. loveee the top!! remember loving it on the runway too!
    she should have left her bag at home as it distracts the otherwise edgy look!

  5. Heart the D&G top. Bad choice for bangle/watch and the BAG!! Wish the bag was solid and in a color that would pop all the black along with it….the trousers are OK…

  6. you’re right P&P i dont agree. not everything edgy suits everyone or is necessarily pleasing to every eye!

    in this case i’m going with the fashion victim comment. not everything funky on the ramp will make a fashionista of you…


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