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While at a birthday party in Mumbai last evening, Rani was photographed in Dhruv Kapoor separates. Picking up on the black, she rounded out her look with black accessories that included a Fendi bag and Gucci mules.

I wish someone would tell Rani not everything has to be so matchy-matchy all the time. Especially when the primary color (in this case, the ‘hospital green’) is so strong! I wish she had worn this shirt with a pair of denims instead. As it stands though, wasn’t a fan of the look.

Rani Mukherji

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It’s saying something when my first instinct was to say “hmm its not bad at all for Rani.” Given how badly she’s fared in the past for non-Indian outfits, I’d give her a pass and its quite tame by her standards. I daresay she looks good in it!

  2. this is for fun – let it pass ;)! please implement these simple algorithms –
    delete if disha patani ,
    delete if rani mukherjee not in saree,
    delete if aishwariya rai not in Cannes etc 😉 … ,
    delete if over-logo-ed

    • I totally agree.
      Would be great.

      On other note. Rani is great with saree and Aish is good at Cannes. That’s thier well defined areas. Can’t be good at everything obviously.

  3. I would have like the outfit, if I could un-see those black shoe laces or worms or whatever zillion black strings are hanging on the top!

    Why oh why ?

  4. No once can salvage that shirt. Looks like a monster weilding its tentacles getting ready to flee. Ew!

    The color makes it seem like a floral sea monster.

    Nope. The shoes, shades and bag – me like.


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