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In an interesting twist, both cousins landed major fashion mag covers… Where Kajol had Elle in her bag, Rani did Vogue. Not that we are complaining of course!

The tousled hair, strong lip, Dolce & Gabbana sheath… Rani looked great and the cover sure was a surprise; we dig. Now if only we saw some of this Rani outside of glossy pages too!

vogue-rani mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee For Vogue, August 2015

Photo Credit: Vogue India

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  1. Man ! this gives the old Rani vibe from a few years back.
    M sure its a lot photo-shopped (especially her very bony angular jaw which we haven’t seen in years), but is such a throwback to her more familiar self.

  2. This is a WOW cover. That being said, how much of this WOW is real and how much of this is photoshopped? I am all for glamourous stars, but not when it isnt real. I love the dress – Dolce & Gabbana have really hit it out of the park with their latest collection.

  3. I have been so disappointed with Rani’s appearances lately. But this is great, really great. She seems so herself and confident. Love it!

  4. I had a hard time recognizing her. So much photo-shop. I am not even looking any further at that pic….. feel very sorry that Vogue is not promoting the natural face/body.

  5. Photo shopped so much, and so badly that it looks like some one else, and quite an unnatural one at that
    What is wrong with these mags with their obsession with photoshopping and even sillier is tha fact that the actress/ models dont put their foot down on such atrocity

    P&P, please take stand and dont post such artificial computer generated stuff on your blog

  6. All of you referring to her jawline,please check out pics from the Vogue Beauty Awards. She’s always had an awesome jawline. Stop being so picky! Every cover is shopped. At least she doesn’t look like a ghost.

  7. It’s covers and shoots like these that set impossible standards for women.
    In her recent appearances you can clearly see that her face is round. Cheekbones and jawbones have appeared out of nowhere. It’s sadly very apparent that excessive Photoshop (I’m sorry i refuse to believe it’s just make-up) has been used to portray what Vogue thinks is the meaning of ‘Ageless’. Why can’t we celebrate he for who/what she really is?
    Second, why the hell is a 37 year old woman on an issue about age? Men decades older than her are romancing girls half their age and Rani has been chosen as the face of an Ageless issue? And Vogue has the gall to talk about Women Empowerment? I’m ashamed and quite frankly embarrassed for you Vogue…

    • Hear, hear!! I totally agree – I cannot, for the life of me understand how can a 30 something old woman can be the face of an ageless issue? Bollywood actresses talk of ageism and still agree to be a part of such campaigns. Smh. As for Vogue, the less said, the better.

  8. This is Rani? hm errrr from which angle? lol. It is sad sh*t that these women allow themselves to be photoshopped to a level that no one can recognize them.
    PS: This can’t be seen outside of glossy pages because Photoshop can’t be done in real life. Your wish will remain unfulfilled P&P. 😛

  9. P&P – if Photoshop existed outside of magazine covers, then I’m sure you would see not just “some of this Rani” but a lot more of her outside the glossy pages 🙂

  10. That’s not Rani!!! Don’t the stars think it surreal when they see themselves on magazine covers….it says it’s them….but it doesn’t look like them. Photoshop is not cool.


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