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While at an awards event last evening, Rani put in a rare appearance wearing a Raw Mango sari. With her hair in an updo, she rounded out the look with a pearl satlada necklace. It was a striking look and she stood out on the red carpet. But, and yes, there’s a but… The sari was lovely but the look itself felt a touch lacking. Maybe it was the heavy bronzer or the pearls that seemed excessive with the colors and gold zari that were to blame.

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Rani Mukerji At Maharashtra Achievers’ Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. 1. The makeup is a big downer.
    2. Ms. Mukerji, I believe comes from the school of thought that until and unless you don’t wear prominent jewelry, the look isn’t done. Her festive styling, wedding appearances, even red carpet ‘looks’ are loaded with jewelry. And then on an off chance when she is minimal, she hits it out of the park.
    3. Why not keep one thing as the centrepiece and then work around it? Isn’t that how design works? Sab kuch daal Ke tasteless khichdi kyun banani hai?
    4. Lose the bronzer and the necklace, get her kohl eyes, a bala with ‘pasha’ earrings, a visible bindi, and some flowers in hair. Voila!! Perfecto..because it’s a beautiful, beautiful saree. And just the saree deserves respect and great styling.

    • Lol..the third point. Some like it ott, even if that means making a ‘khichdi’. I have seen people wearing more jewellery at one go than what Rani here is wearing. Right from earrings, to statement necklace, brooches, bracelets, rings..everything would be added as if there is no tomorrow. I guess it is all about class n taste (or lack of it)!

  2. Ugh, makeup is a hot mess. Greasy looking and overly bronzed. That concealer shade is a disaster and the orange-ish lippy further washes her out. She needed her signature heavy-kohl eyes and a big bindi. Her necklace, like most of her jewelry, is awful. Not a fan of orange and fuchsia together either, at least for a saree/blouse combo — just too much on the eyes.

  3. The real downer here is the blouse. I see this so often, on celebs as well as real people on Insta — the tendency to adopt trends without any real thought of their own physical structures. While regular people can get a pass, there’s no way someone of Rani’s stature should be so ignorant of the fact that she has a short neck and would therefore benefit by staying away from these on-trend close-necked, V-cut blouses. Add to that Rani’s weakness for heavy jewellery, the colours of the ensemble themselves and the heavy-handed make-up and you have a look that’s simply overcooked.
    Just because it’s a ‘rare’ appearance doesn’t mean you have to make up for the 25 occasions you missed, Rani.

  4. There’s absolutely no problem with the saree, the styling is just bad. She should’ve skipped the neckpiece and worn big gold studs in her ears. The makeup too is quite heavy handed. Rani generally works the help outta sarees but this one is a big miss.

  5. That’s a lovely sari. I think Rani looks nice – although agree with the heavy make-up and there was no need for the necklace. But Rani does wear sarees so well.

  6. Thats a beautiful saree in a great color. Everything else is excessive. The make up and accessories needed to be lighter and the blouse should have been in a different design.

  7. She’s an amazing actress (loved her in Mardani and Hichki) and a beautiful woman but her fashion sense is awful. I want to say something nice here but….

  8. I must have lived away from India too long. My eyes can no longer tolerate this much color. Combined with the electric orange blouse and clashing white necklace, the look strikes a jarring note.

  9. I think the makeup was a downer but the biggest issue was the neckline of the blouse and the choice of the jewellery. The neckpiece looked constricted… just a pair of nice jhumkis would have done the trick..


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