In Mark Bumgarner

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Wearing a blue Mark Bumgarner gown paired with a snake-style necklace, Rakul attended the Filmfare Awards on Thursday evening. She wore it well.

Another pic of her here.

Rakul Preet

Photo Credit: Filmfare

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  1. Sadly film fare awards have lost its glamor and value in the sea of awards that happen every other day literally. Does anyone even go for these anymore other than the nominees or the ones who want to be noticed?

    And to top it off the unimaginative same ol same ol fashion doesn’t help!?
    Everyone over dresses on a daily basis, taking themselves so seriously (less is more kinda overdressing) ? so nothing special for yet another event!

    I miss those days when we would wait for the newspaper the next day to know who made the cut and who didn’t and for the latest film fare issue to see the photographs!! and then later on when it was telecast on TV!

    Now it’s you blink and you miss kinda situation.


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