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Rakul attended a party on Wednesday evening wearing a blue dress by Deme. The design of the dress itself was terrible and the visible nipple covers and creases didn’t help its case.

We didn’t care for the dress one bit. Did you?

Rakul Preet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What on earth is this supposed to be? To say it’s bad is a mere understatement. It’s a monstrosity. And the less said about the nipple patches, the better :/

  2. Who is Deme? Why is he/ she allowed to “design” clothes? I am yet to come across a single piece that isn’t tacky. This is not bad, terrible or ugly – its a straight out assault on aesthetics.

  3. There was a time when I looked forward to her outings. Just for sake of modernizing/ being relevant she’s started to look like any other starlet.

  4. Startegically palce shiny pieces of materials on body parts and make it look as tacky as possible,call it a designer outfit and any startlet will agree to wear it.

  5. I read this book once, in which the main character had been captured by a freak circus and forced to perform with her weird mutant abilities. To make her look the part, the circus staff fetched for her something like this. Even that girl refused to wear it, asking to be given some real clothes. And they did! Not sure what kind of sense/co-ordination Rakul and her stylist team have been lacking as of late. She had a decent dressing sense – sweet even, once upon a time. I could compare it to the likes of Anushka or Taapsee. Now, it’s just 2007 coming back from the grave.


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