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Ms. Madan sported two gowns recently, a burgundy Supria Munjal to the IIFA Awards and then a sheer Jewellyn Alvares one to the Vogue Beauty Awards. Between the two, she definitely fared a whole lot better in the Munjal. As for the Alvares, the less said the better. It’s never good when the first thing that pops in your mind when you see someone is, why is she wearing satin boxers?

Radhika Madan at IIFA Awards

Radhika Madan at Vogue Beauty Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Striking similarity to Fatima sana sheikh! Liked the second gown thanks to the colour; nothing extraordinary, but would have been sweet with the right lining. As is, no!

  2. The IIFA gown looks as bad. Don’t like the way it’s structured and how it falls. Not sure if anyone can pull off either of these gowns.

  3. Ok, these iifa and vogue events were tacktastic to the extreme. Forget fashion sense, what ever happened to common sense? Why are these actresses wearing such horrible clothes and attempting to outdo each other in tackiness. Was there a stylist strike or something ?

  4. Ugh…who in their right minds would design a gown like that, and be able to convince someone else to wear it!! What a cop-out on the part of the designer!

  5. jeez. boxer shorts, cycling shorts (or were those spanx), in-your-face bras, obvious linings… it seems Bollywood award shows are the dumpyard of mistakes that designers — desi and foreign — wouldn’t be able to sell in retail but still want to get some mileage out of. so they call their pet stylists, push these discards and the stylists, being ignorant of everything, happily lap up the freebies.
    so sad to see a leading Indian industry reduced to becoming a clotheshorse for rejects.


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