In Twos

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Radhika attended Parched promotions wearing a Vizyon dress to the first appearance and a Circus croptop with a denim Kanelle skirt to the second one.

Between the two, preferred her in the dress. Wasn’t quite a fan of the crop top.



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Whaaaaa? Looks like a bra and petticoat. The second dress naturally is better but only marginally so. The shoes in the first two pics are another kind of horror show.

  2. Why does she even try, I wonder? I have mentioned in my earlier comments as well… I used to love her earthiness and her natural looks! Is she even the same woman?

    • Same thoughts everytime I see her pics nowadays. I really liked and found the older Radhika ethereal and amazingly beautiful. Always rooted for her beauty… She was different.

  3. Lol. Like Richa she too does not have any sense of fashion but tries very hard. The first look is like she was in a hurry and forgot to put a blouse and tie a saree around. Ew.

    • I agree. Its very difficult to get good clothes from designers when you’re starting out. The pink crop top looks like my great grandmothers bras. Like the white dress but not the shoes and the makeup and hair.


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