Well Suited?

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Minus the gold sandals, loved Raageshwari’s cropped suit look. What about you?

P.S. That is a Jimmy Choo Starry clutch on Ms. Loomba.

P.S. This sure brought back memories of Sonam from ‘Tere Mere Beach Mein’. (see inside)



Sonam Kapoor on ‘Tere Mere Beach Mein’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the suit, love her shoes. although cropped pants makes one look shorter, would have preferred if the pants were a tad longer, so glad to see that she has not joined the chrisitian louboutin elevator shoes band wagon.

    • Ragz is such an inspiration for me personally.You know she has such a debilitating disease, yet she not only puts up a strong face, she does it with aplomb.
      Her upcoming album might be her last…but you dont see that on her face. She doesnt know how much public life she may have left, but you dont see that on her face.
      She has been, and continues to put her best face/dress/behavior out there each and every day…and I love her for her strong spirit.

      Strong people like her and Lisa Ray should be featured more often on your website P&P (if possible). The glamour world is truly a better place because these women came by.

      • Wow. We knew about Lisa but didn’t know that Raageshwari suffered from Bell’s palsy. Her, Lisa, Deveika Bhojwani (breast cancer survivor) are women that are admirable for their strong courage.

      • Iam shocked to hear this. I know long back rags had disease and she could not sing or talk but later she had recovered well and was fit. I have heard her few years back mentioning she was fit and healthy.
        I hope iam right and that she has along life ahead of her.

        • I am SHOCKED too! OMG!! bless her. I used to love watching Rageshwari host BPL Oye back in those days and still admire her. Awww I feel so bad. I hope she recovers fully. I’m not kidding she can truly give those young actresses a run for their money…she looks like she’s in her twenties.

          • Ok…sorry to set off rumours…I was not saying that her next album *is* her last. My apologies.

            I meant that her condition has no cure. So for all we know her next album *might/could* be her last..might not…, but point is…she is brave, takes each day for what it is and faces it the best she can even though she knows she has such a condition.

            I know I would have been crying like a baby at the drop of a hat if something like this happened to me. I have cried for much minor stuff.

            Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Raageshwari usually dresses well in a classic style, but this time she fails. The sleeves are too long, the pants are too loose and awkward length. Not well fitting narrow cropped pants that go with the more classic style jacket she has on. The shoes are okay. The akward pants are the biggest no-no.

  3. i’ve seen Raageshwari in suits before, and i’ve always noted that she’s one bollywood personality who can actually carry it well. but not here. ya, i guess it’s the gold shoes. and the clutch! it’s too big to be a clutch. looks like my cosmetic bag!

  4. I like that she is sticking to her style.. she pulls it off sometimes, sometimes not and this is one of her good times! She looks great.

  5. Hello People !!! I am one of Raageshwari’s designers and her dear friend !!! and what am I hearing ???
    She is fit and super healthy not ill AT ALL. OH MY GOD she is Doing 100 Surya Namaskars a day !! She is an angel at heart and soul and a very very loving and gentle human being.
    I have met so many celebs but no one like Raageshwari who is so well mannered towards me and my staff. She is so soft-poken even if she is upset. you have to meet her to believe it.


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