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Wearing a Tarun Tahiliani lace beaded sari, Priyanka attended a recent big fat wedding in Mumbai. Exquisite as the sari was, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The thing is, I don’t think it did much for the actor either either. Its styling- the style of blouse, choice of jewelry, hair and make-up, all let the actor down. Bit of a miss this!

Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. In addition to everything you said, it looks so similar to the white Tarun Tahiliani she wore in the one of the last Ambani wedding functions. I blame this on the stylist though, because Priyanka for her part looks radiant. I also like the colour.

    • Exactly! I saw this on one of her fan club’s Instagram pages and thought “Oh PC must be in the US and so must have been unable to come to this Ambani wedding so the FC is just putting up her pics from the earlier Ambani wedding!” but then was shocked to learn that she came dressed up so similarly to her earlier look.

  2. The saree is not my cup of tea at all… but she manages to make it work and look lovely. I am glad she kept the jewelry to a minimum and the make up is not garish as well. It some how works on her.

  3. I like it when she goes simple and minimalist. She oozes hotness and does not need to bare cleavage and legs which makes her look thirsty.

  4. Ok. The saree is elegant. The hair needed to be on a wispy updo to take it up a notch. Some sparkly eye shadow (like the recent vanity fair party) would’ve helped too. But I’m glad she never looks like she’s upstaging the bride like most other Btown ladies

  5. She does not look nice at all. She looks very dated and its because of the ringlets and the caps on the blouse. This sari has a very MM vibe to it.

  6. She looks perfect. In case people forgot, this is how one is expected to dress at other people’s wedding. I find those lehengas ridiculous

  7. There is minimalustic and understated yet elegant – think Karishma. And then there is I am doing understated that’s why I am looking dowdy – think Priyanaka.
    Styling let’s this down big time

  8. I don’t like the middle parted hair on Priyanka it makes her look older than she is. but at least she is not trying to overshine someone else wedding


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