Priyanka On Vogue: (Un)Covered

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It’s back to Bollywood and this time Priyanka graces the cover again. Dig her solo cover more or the one before?


Priyanka Chopra, Vogue September 2008


Louis Vuitton Fall 2008

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress…wish they’d do some one different though. It seems like the same 10 Bollywood actresses domnate all the magazine covers.

  2. Where has Laxmi Menon, Monikangana Dutta gone?? They only did like one cover and zap they dissapeared. We want MODELS MODEL MODELS on the cover!!!

    Piggy chops looks decent. I think this is just Vogue’s way of getting it more Vogue-ish , edgier and high fashion!!..Have all the models in India died tht they are using actress as covers. I see them enough on other magasines alreadi. Its high time the models of India got their fair share too!!

    Am i being too harsh?? 😛

  3. I think not everybody looks good in a bob but i like this cover. I would like to see models rather than bollywood actors, soap stars and Gemma Ward on Vogue India. Right now it seems that they are simply trying to parade famous ppl in guccis and gabbanas…… It is far far far.. far away from being called a fashion bible!

  4. yeah the wig’s weird – the neat chignon on the model works so much better – that said, Piggy looks barely recognizeable here – am glad that the wavy long hair’s gone for now.

  5. that is a horrible horrible wig…but it certainly is a vast improvement from the last cover
    …her pose is much more editorial in this one (she looked like the girl next door in the last one)
    and when did black ever go away?

  6. PC looks good…that wig looks odd…but PC looks fine. But ya where are the models?? I wanna see new faces…upcoming actresses, new models, TV actresses…new stuff!! Fresh stuff.

  7. don’t really care for the cover.. vogue is just not edgey anymore .. of course its much better than last month but then thats hardly something to be proud about..

    hate the wig .. and the dress- it just didn’t seem as pretty as on the ramp.. pretty ordinary and alas too disappointing..

  8. I like the way she worked the netted material around her for the pose. Way to go Pri. I like her expression too. Interesting hairstyle…not taken to it, but it’s allright. Something different.

  9. its better compared to the old covers, but the wig is awful and the make up is boring. pose is ok, she looks like shes sticking her stomach out. dead face

  10. I’d probably light it slightly differently.. probably diffuse it more.. don’t like how the shadows fall on her face but that’s the photographer in me speaking.

    It’s a good good cover.. I like the styling though I’m thinking of how RED lipstick would go with it..

  11. this shot is from the movies fashion. i just saw her modeling with the same dress in the song JALWA from FASHION.



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