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Wearing monochromatic separates were Priyanka and Huma recently with the former finishing out her Tibi look with white mules and the latter with checkered ones.

Whose look is more you?

Priyanka Chopra and Huma Qureshi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Shivoham! Shivoham! I thought some South Delhi Aunty was coming back from her vacation in Mykonos! Is that you Priyanka? Yes offense.

    • This is clearly a comment shaming Priyanka for looking her age here and for her weight gain and I’m sad that it has been approved and upvoted so many times. Are actresses now supposed to look ageless and hot all the time, even off-duty, simply because they are women? Don’t the majority of our 40-50+ actors look just like affluent uncles? Why does nobody feature them and rip them apart?

      • Please I have plenty of choice words for those uncles cavorting around. And I commented on how tacky she looks with the shades combined with the lemon separates plus those white mules – very disco 80’s – and very new money. And yes taste can be based on location too depending on where concentration of new money is in India (this is for advertisers of toothpaste brands).

  2. Am I looking at shrikhand gone bad (exhibit 1) and shrikhand gone really bad (exhibit 2).
    Also, PC… Why is your foundation shade 3 shades lighter than your neck and chest?

  3. Only when i read the details could I recognise that is PC… She needs to take it easy. A light Shaded lip colour would have given the entire look a relaxed vibe

  4. I really don’t get Priyanka’s style most of the time…she has no distinct style of her own and looks really shabby most of times she is off-duty. She has a short neck and keeps wearing turtlenecks that makes her look boxy and stuffed up, she is not wearing one here but still somehow looks stuffed and not easy breezy at all. Also she is absolutely clueless about the sunglasses that work for her face.


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