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At Parineeti’s engagement, Priyanka was seen in a citron colored ruffle sari from Mishru featuring an embroidered strapless corset top. Maybe this outfit would’ve worked for a day event but felt just a bit too flashy for the engagement. The finishing touches also was quite lackluster. The hair was meh and the makeup felt quite heavy – handed.

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Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • LOL and couldn’t agree more. This outfit isn’t bad but its not for an engagement, specially for a close family member’s engagement. Between underdressing, overdressing and inappropriately dressing for normal festive events, Bollywood celebs with their wealth of resources just can’t seem to get it right.

    • Was gonna comment something similar! Since PC’s moved to Hollywood and married an American it seems like her entire approach to desi wear has changed and is forcefully trying to bring in an international twist. Whilst I understand her wanting to reflect the culture she’s now part of, don’t understand why she can’t just do Indian wear the way she used to….

  1. I sure like it. These are the worst pics I saw of this outfit.

    The color is wrong and the makeup looks loud. But in reality it was a delish color and pretty look.

    Me likey, just not in these pics.

  2. I truly wonder why Bollywood celebrities, even for family functions & weddings, don’t want to take out a nice Benarasi or Kanjeevaram or Tanchoi or something.

  3. This is not how she looked in the videos. It was a happy cheerful outfit and the makeup didn’t look bad either. These are probably the worst pictures from that night.


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