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Back in New York, Priyanka visited several TV outlets on Tuesday for promotions of The Sky Is Pink. She started her day in a floral Markarian dress, then switched into a velvet top and pants by Lia Cohen and finally ended the day in pink separates from Rebecca Vallance.

Loved her in the Markarian. I was watching some of the press and the velvet didn’t look that good on TV. Which one was your favorite?

Priyanka Chopra

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  1. It seems like she’s trying to hide the sides of her face by covering it with these bangs to make it look slimmer and sharper. And turtle neck DOES NOT suit her at all. Why would she wear that! i watched the videos from that silver outfit and man, it looks so bad… the hair adds to the mess. Nonetheless, how freakin lovely does she look in the floral outfit! More of those please… phew

  2. The floral print is my probably my fav but it also seems like she has put on her dress the other way around..LOL
    Inner wear issues with the Pink sweater and a summer straw bag with a wintery outfit??? Eeek
    and P&P why are not accepting some of my comments???

  3. this hairstyle does not suit her. she needs to change it. i prefer her other 2 outings which are not feature here. one she was in teal blue and the other one was a floral mini dress

  4. For all those saying her hair doesn’t look good – she’s on trend. Curtain bangs are in fashion this side of the world and Priyanka tends to do trends. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker for me especially since she’s such a chameleon when it comes to her style. She’ll be on to something else pretty fast.
    I love her in the monochrome pink and the Markarian. The blue velvet while on trend did not photograph well and did nothing for her.

  5. NY is much kinder to PC and her wardrobe. She carries all the outfits well. I actually like her hair up; gives her face a softer look.

  6. Is it too mean to say that I feel like burning that middle parted hair which makes all the looks so terrible! I miss those gorgeous desi-girl style hair days


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