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At the screening of Pahuna, a movie from her production ouse, Priyanka was spotted wearing a pink separates look from the Fendi Resort 2018 collection.

Even if I ignore the overexposure caused by camera flashes, I can’t bring myself to like this look one bit. It just looks so gimmicky and disconnected. The jacket that was just the right length on the model lost some of its impact after being modified. And, considering she chose to wear those studded boots, why keep the hair so meh? Let’s not even talk about that Nirav Modi necklace that felt so out of place.

Yep, still scratching my head over here.

Priyanka Chopra at Pahuna Screening at TIFF 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I could actually get behind the experimental outfit but the makeup had to be kept very modern and nude and the necklace should be thrown out the window.

  2. The jacket length and hair are the least of her worries. What on earth is going on with the make up? I am getting some mild Donnatella Versace vibes. And that’s not a good thing.

  3. I could forgive everything in this pic (the ugly shoes, odd jacket, forced bling, newsreader hair) EXCEPT that lipstick! Garish to say the least! a bright pink outfit like that deserved soft nude lips, not this blinding hot pink.

  4. I tried to like this look really badly, but too many things are off- the necklace, the fit of the jacket (loved the separates but the fit ruined their impact), the match-y makeup, the hair, and those hideous boots. If styled just like the model, I think Kangana would’ve looked gorgeous in this look. Nevertheless, happy to see PC experimenting.

  5. so love.. the dress, the color, the lip color.. just the hostess like side parting hair and that shoe needs to go. also dont get why the short suit is so fitted and not like that of the model.

  6. This is quite a confounding look. Too many focus pulling things in one look. It could have been mildly salvageable if she didn’t wear those boots and got rid of that necklace. That make up is a surprise, because her make up is usually on point. But over all, it looks way tooo pink!

  7. dude, if she had her hair down you would have still complained. love the outfit, though agree styling is off -silver boots maybe? Nude boots…nude lips?

  8. Isnt the skirt PC wearing different to the one that the model is wearing? The one that the model is wearing , her skirt pleats go all the way up which explains why the jacket looks better on the model…unless my eyes are bad.


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