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Wearing a lace Self-Portrait dress, Mira and Shahid stepped out in the evening to celebrate the former’s birthday today. It’s funny that what I wished for with Kriti’s look, who also wore a lace dress today, was served up by Ms. Rajput.

Needless to say, I had no complaints here. She looked great!

Shop the dress HERE.

Mira Rajput at Her Birthday Dinner

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. In a day more than a few celebs, minor celebs etc make appearances. So HHC what is your criteria for featuring people on this page? Wouldn’t it be better if you featured a girl who is in the industry rather than w/o someone or the other. I am a great supporter of wives but would prefer to see girls who are working in fashion or films and could do with some publicity. Or do you only feature folk who sport “labels” – e.g. Self-Portrait gets a lot of exposure on these pages – and can’t be bothered with the rest?

    As for the dress it is a needlessly fussy dress made of bits and bobs Some transparent badly cut pieces cover a small body sheath basically. Please sometimes try and critique a dress instead of the banal she looks great!

  2. This is a really ugly dress. Those straps, puffy sleeve, bow below the neck make it all too busy without adding anything to the look! Rare miss from Mira.


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