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We loved Shrivan and Narresh‘s collection and can’t quite blame Pratima for wanting to wear that outfit out (who wouldn’t? the colors are fabulous!) but let’s face it, somethings are better left alone for the sandy beaches. Like brightly colored umbrella drinks and sarongs.

Seeing Pratima hold on to her dress in an attempt to avoid peek-a-boo moments in all of her pictures had us thinking… it must not have made for a very comfortable evening. :p

That aside (and the mis-matched clutch), she does look lovely.



Left: Shrivan Narresh, Resort 2010
Right: Pratima Gaurav At Zara Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks clumsy. The length of the wrap is all wrong . So are the shoes and of course the bag.The colours aren’t working wonders for her either.

  2. ummm…..i think the outfit itself is ridiculous. the model is basically wearing a swimsuit with a chadar wrapped over it, plus a waistcoat type of thing on top of that….i mean, really. and it would take someone really talented to actually choose to wear that outfit.

  3. Ughh..she looks terrible..the hair, the shoes, the length..all wrong. have no idea why you guys have her up tell us what not to do??!


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