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Poorna attended the Netflix Golden Globes party back in Jan wearing an all-white look in a white 3-D dress by Rahul Mishra paired with a Behno bag and white slingback heels. She had me at the dreamy dress.

Poorna Jagannathan

Find details on the dress below.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Horrible .. im wondering what people would say if one of us wear this kind of a dress to any occasion let alone to a party.. lol

  2. Thank you guys (above), i thought this looked horrible too ! Just because it is Rahul Mishra doesn’t mean it has to be a gem of a dress. Some clothes are best left on the runway.
    Omg Poorna whatever made you go out in public looking like this?!?!?

    • I actually checked it out on his Instagram page. This dress is a real piece of art! I think it looks like Tokyo skyline.
      But you can appreciate it only if you look at it very closely.

      For far or in such photos, it just looks like a heap of material.


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