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Patralekhaa atteneded the Vogue Beauty Awards wearing a beaded sheer top and silk maxi skirt from Jade with jewellery from Varuna D Jani.

I saw the back pic of her first and was already unimpressed. Lil’ did I know that the front profile would be much much worse. Those stark black nipple patches were just awful. In this day and age, where one has access to all kinds of fixes, there is just no excuse for showing up like this.



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Totally it’s anyways a bad outfit, the hair the make up.. all so conflicting each other. I didn’t see the pastie issues until zooming in, that’s a distant spoiler

  2. Every subsequent post only affirms that the whole Bollywood brigade is one big disappointment… wonder if P&P could cover some real fashion – maybe the ramp/ south/ international/ insta posts for all I care…any damn thing except these clueless Bollywood “fashionistas” covered in ridiculous “designer stuff” described in synonymous phrases ,critiques and comments thereafter.

    Fashion should light up your day, inspire you for the next and make you confident forever..which sadly… I don’t find in Bollywood or this blog anymore.

  3. That must be one of the stupidest designs I have ever seen
    And I have no clue as to why … WHY someone would turn up in it! That embarassed smile says it all. Yes Dear you do look really really tacky !

  4. It’s hard to survive in the entertainment industry. I think that’s the reason these women try too hard to get noticed. It’s kinda sad. What a train wreck!


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