In Massimo Dutti

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For the trailer launch of her upcoming movie, Parineeti suited up in Massimo Dutti. Sleek hair, matching pumps, discreet jewelry and understated make-up all rounded out the look well. Nothing to fault here, Ms. Chopra looked good!

Parineeti Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks fantastic! It’s sleek, modern and is styled well. Parineeti looks great when she keeps it simple and not over styled. Her recent styling has been great.

  2. Is it just me who thinks that Parineeti has always tried hard to create a signature style for herself but none of them really look natural on her because deep down inside her style is more casual.

    The suit looks nice but its hard to associate the look with her.
    Its like Vidya Balan going through a phase of failed fashion experiments before she realized she is most comfortable in Indian wear especially sarees (Obviously, nothing wrong in that!!)

    • I guess so.. she’s trying to be the more popular ones while not being her own good self. It’s become a common problem at Bollywood… fitting in.

      • You can have your own sense on style or interpret trends in your way, but its just BW doesn’t know how to do it.. and they end up looking badly dressed or uncomfortable or trying too hard.
        It’s not fitting in, an actress has to be trendy and stylish, that’s just how it is, especially a commercial actress. Their career depends on their image & market appeal.

    • She was phenomenal during her initial days in bollywood – casual, super-talented and just herself! – I loved her then and absolutely loved seeing her on screen – in movies, interviews etc. The cookie-cutter bollywood has definitely snatched away the twinkle from her eyes that naturally used to be so typically Parineeti, which is just sad. Now when I see her, it always feels like she is constantly doubting and second-guessing herself. Such a stereotypical, averse-to-change and a depressing place BW can be… Having said that, she looks sleek here. Would have liked ankle straps more with this look!

  3. Lots to fault actually: This look needed a blazer of a different cut and style, the trousers are too long and too creased, the hair looks weird, its not falling naturally to the front. It screams wannabe.. you can tell easily coz of the little details.


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