In Payal Singhal


Two recent appearances had Padma Lakshmi gives us two looks in Payal Singhal, both featuring crop tops… For the jewelry launch, she paired her crop top by the designer with overalls and for the Ball, it was a long full skirt (also by the designer). Both times, minimal make-up and hair worn straight and down finished out the look.

Between the two, our pick for the favorite would be the more laid-back look in overalls.

Padma Lakshmi In Payal Singhal At Derek Lam & Jamie Wolf Black And White Jewelry Launch And At Brooklyn Museum's Brooklyn Artists Ball

Padma Lakshmi
Left: At Derek Lam & Jamie Wolf Black And White Jewelry Launch
Right: At Brooklyn Museum’s Brooklyn Artists Ball

Photo Credit: Zimbio/Getty


  1. I like the skirt look better, although it seems very petticoat-sans-sari. The overalls seem wanna-be-younger. And those abs! Amazing! In Bollyood prob. only Deepika has abs to match those.


  2. Seriously!!!!???
    She gained a rockin body but lost her fashion sense…..
    Who wears overalls to an event???

    And that petticoat look brings back to mind the series “I love genie”…. Just a tackier version….




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