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Sonam and Anand held a party for David Beckham and in attendance were close friends and family and it seems like there was no dress code given what we saw the guests in.

Who did you think was overdressed, underdressed, and totally missed the mark? I loved Karisma in her Anita Dongre dress. My missed the mark was Shanaya. The sheer gown was such an odd choice to meet Beckham.

Sonam Kapoor in Medium

Karisma Kapoor in Anita Dongre

Malaika Arora in Alaia

Mira Kapoor in Alex Perry
Maheep Kapoor in Self-Portrait

Shanaya Kapoor in Giambattista Valli
Rhea Kapoor in Antaragni Draped Dress With Rishta By Arjun Saluja Dhoti Pants

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. While I can understand this party being covered and have nothing against nepo kids bemued of late about what HHC wants to be. If it is serious about fashion there are so many better dressed folk even within Bollywood and other film industries and not just the Vidya, Konkona, Kiran style. Your blog but even I got thoroughly bored of the Shanayas, Miras, Bebos, assorted Kapoors. Its also quite North style. India has way more dressing styles that need covering.

  2. Unrelated to fashion but why does Bollywood get so cringe when any white celebrity visits. The number of selfies, the captions it’s all second hand embarrassment. And a lot of them are successful celebrities in their own right ! Anyway clothes are as always a mixed bag….

    • Exactly my thoughts, when any white celebrity visits, they totally lose it. The desperation to dress to suit the west(in their thoughts) and stand out the crowd totally takes over. Why such low self esteem of themselves ? For that reason, karishma is the winner for me, doesn’t look as desperate.

    • Literally this. I can’t recall during any one of the numerous occasions that a Bollywood megastar visited the US, that some Hollywood bigwig would invite them home and the whole of Hollywood would turn up at a party to snap pics with them. It’s so cringe watching these people fall all over themselves to fawn over celebs from the west

      • The thing with BW is that it’s literally a handful of families at all these events (awards, bday parties, premieres, etc). If one of them throws a party for a HW or sports star, guess who’ll be on the guest list? They family and friends – the same group of people.

        Whereas HW is so much more fragmented, for lack of a better word. There’s nothing close to BW’s interconnectedness in HW. Also, if a HW star had a dinner party for a star from a non-HW industry (China, Korea, etc), it wouldn’t be a red carpet event for attendees like we always see with BW (birth day parties in BW now have a “red carpet” and the media present outside a house/apartment…make that make sense!).

        So, Bollywood is one big family, the same family and friends. Bollywood also turns dinner parties held for foreign stars as promotional event for all involved. None of this behavior and interconnectedness exists in HW.

  3. David Beckham tuned up in a black t shirt and pants . Not even formal wear . Can’t ignore this contrast in how much effort he made vs his hosts / guests . I’d love to see Hollywood or global sports stars roll out the red carpet for an Indian visitor

    • That’ll take bw upping their stature and being distinct. No point comparing west with east, esp Indian bw scenes and hw, it’s night and day. Hw is big, it’s not a family and friends movie business.

  4. Except Karishma and Anand , the rest look like they dressed for a costume party .Malaika looks stunning but overdressed for a house party . Mira and Maheep , okay . Rhea , wrapped is upholstery .The host herself looks like she’s draped in some strange clothes . Shanaya , sheesh ! What is it ?!

  5. though Mira dress/make up color is looking nice but i think corset/bust is not fitting her. Thats not usually her..she is impeccable in her stlying, clothes, except this time she picked from wrong section. I hate sheer clothing in general but thats me…. I think it should be left for beach as there are other ways to show your perfect body in parties. This one looks lingerie category me, like she is modeling for victoria secret

  6. Love Sonam’s outfit. I might not wear it myself but she pulls it off. The colours are gorg and the richness of the fabric is coming through….to me she looks like a royal here <3

  7. Bollywood is so wannabe!
    Like everyone here has pointed out, anytime a Hollywood/sport- superstar lands in India, they turn it into a cringe-fest.
    They look insecure and desperate.
    Not to mention, they are almost always dressed OTT.

  8. You know its certain BW peeps that do this OTT dressing and showing off their parties and connections. Beckham was hosted by SRK as well for a dinner at his place, there is no picture other than the one SRK released himself from that party. Also SRK was dressed like he would be for a dinner party in his house.
    Sonam’s house looked like she invited the Queen to her house for dinner party.


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