In Threes

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Three back-to-back events, three very different looks sported. From classic to casual to avant-garde, Nina did it all…

nina_manuel-alchemist_reading1.jpg nina_manuel-pahyal_kothaari_launch6.jpg

Nina Manuel

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  1. she’s such a superb dresser (ok, we’ve forgotten that horrendous bird poncho and slashed jeans!) A rare combination of a great bod and great taste…

  2. Well… ‘avant-garde’ by definition refers to unusual or experimental ideas, and you gotta admit, this IS unusual and experimental!! 😉

    Whether we actually like it, if we’d ever considering wearing it… thats a whole other post in the making!

  3. Yes..P&P, is a whole other post 😉

    As far as the term “avant-garde”’s almost like “abstract” art to me..just a blanket catch-all to put all things crappy and unremarkable under. It almost makes you feel stupid/unrefined/unworldy for not oohing-and-aahing over it with the rest of the prentious freaks. 😀

  4. Okay so Nina Manuel did some jaadoogiri on y’all! There can be no other explaination. Cant you tell the woman is not all THAT. Shes wearing a purple diaper for god’s sake!

  5. am loving her casual outfit… totally looking for that necklace (I know most of the people on this site are usually looking for the exact piece…unfortunately I don’t have that kind of moolah..or a sugar daddy to buy it for me so if you guys know where to get a top or necklace like that cheap…”holla”!)


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