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Taking the event she attended true to its name, Nidhi attended the Gold Gala in Los Angeles wearing a woven gold bandeau top and gold skirt by Rimzim Dadu. I do have a Dadu bias and so did love this sighting. But, I will add that the look felt a bit unfinished. I would have liked to see an orange lip here to give the look some color or just simple studs. As is, she looked like the models trying out runway outfits prior to the show minus the styling.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Nidhi Sunil

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  1. she looks great! that caramel skin with the woven gold looks stunning. she’s got a video on her ig where she’s wearing some earrings and probably shoulda kept those on

  2. She looks so stunning and carries the outfit so well. Agree with P&P – could’ve been accessorised better

  3. Interesting take but I disagree – the simple styling allows the beauty of both the wearer and the garments to shine

  4. Every single fashion event the last month has an underwhelmingly bad backdrop for the celebs to pose against. Look at this colour or the one behind Sonam, or Ananya. The colours are meh, so many brands and logos are featuerd – it’s very difficult for most looks to show up well against such backgrounds. Honeslty, i don’t know what the event planners are thinking

    • This is a neutral toned background, no? And the logos are in white, mostly. I figured it could have been worse… But I thought this one was fairly alright.

      • Youre right, it is neutral, but it doesn’t make for a good backdrop, the colours of most of the dresses worn by the celebs don’t pop because of the low constrast. It’s better than most, that I agree.

  5. She looks sensational. Going for a no-accessory look lets the outfit shine, literally. It also brings out her beautiful chocolatey complexion and sharp features.

    Any accessories would have distracted from the impact of the outfit and her beauty.


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