On The Ramp: Part Deux

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Also walking the ramp in Paris was Nidhi Sunil as part of her ambassador duties and she also was seen wearing white. She kept it simple and sure looked lovely but I would’ve loved to see a pair of diamond studs or stacked bracelets just to glam up the look a bit.

Nidhi Sunil

Photo Credit: Instagram/Just Jared

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  1. Holy smokes! She looks so so good, the make up is on point, no 5 shades lighter thing or anything
    Totally love it

  2. Minority opinion, she is really pretty but I don’t like that make up and that shade of lipstick. The white dress needs a lipstick that stands out more. This shade is not helping her.

  3. An issue I have had for some time with comments – if we see senior ladies , darker skin and Sarees most people applaud the wearer ignoring most other flaws …. in this case the Hair colour dosent suit the lady , the inner wear is visible ( shouldnt it be closer to skin tone to disappear under the garment ? ) , while she looks this is a HIGHLY Curated look for a Fashion show … for a Cosmetic Brand ???arent these points pertinent ??? or am I too old fashioned to be noticing these ??


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