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Neha picked a Taika by Poonam Bhagat suit for her appearance at a store launch in Kolkata. Wearing her hair down, she finished out the look with black pumps and jewelry that included statement earrings and a cocktail ring, both from Curio Cottage. The jewelry isn’t what we’d have picked out for the suit but Ms. Dhupia did look nice.

See Sonam Kappor wear a version of this outfit here.

Neha Dhupia Wears Taika By Poonam Bhagat To A Store Launch In Kolkata-1

Neha Dhupia At A Store Launch

Neha Dhupia Wears Taika By Poonam Bhagat To A Store Launch In Kolkata-2

Neha Dhupia At A Store Launch

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    • Oh yes I’ve pbserved in on previous occasion too. Case in point a photoshoot she did with Abhay Deol I think, for ‘ek chaalis ki last local’ some year anniversary celebration last year. It didn’t look like a style statement, more like either she didn’t care or she didn’t expect the camera to catch it. I hope its the former!

  1. But then I kinda like the dress on her.. The earrings could have been different but heyy, it’s Neha we’re talking about. She does different and she bleddy well pulls it off ! 🙂

  2. Like the outfit, although I am kinda tired of the ankle length ones.

    A sidenote… One hardly sees Neha in movies… What does she launch that always makes your pages? 😀


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