Fab Or Drab?

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So many things to dislike about this look… zippered and puffy gathering at the hemline, neon pink nail-paint, pairing of silver metallic shoes with a gold metallic dress… And yet, the girl works it!

Its a ‘Fab’ for us purely on account of the fact that Ms. Dhupia pulls this rather OTT look off rather well.


Neha Dhupia At Playboy Perfume Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love the nail paint ! Its spring time to bring those neons out ! The eye make up is fierce ! The dress is like a stage costume…so blingy…but you’re right the girl does work it !

  2. Ughh,drab for sure!! everything is soooo wrong about this outfit. sure she has tons of confidence, good posture, great makeup yada yada… but fashion wise?!….a big no no !!

  3. I don’t like this one bit. This is almost a WTHeyyy!! The dress doesn’t bit, it’s way too short, the color’s blah! Pretty girl, ugly dress..

  4. the dress (or whatever) is horrible horrible horrible
    but Neha totally outshines it’s ugliness and makes it work
    she’s fab- it’s something that’s a bit rare in Desi celebs today

  5. I wouldn’t call this a “drab” so much as a “Oh my Lord, my eyes are burning!”. It’s just a whole lotta look. Given the event, I understand why Neha would want to wear something a bit younger and sexier, but that outfit’s not cutting it. If she wanted something blingy and metallic, I would have gone with a silver dress without all the zippers, and perhaps a bit longer.

    Her eye makeup is dangerously crossing into drag queen territory.

  6. It’s funny, I always look at the pictures before I read the post so that my opinion isn’t influenced. So, when I was looking at Ms. Dhupia I thought, “omg ott wthey? No wait… is it tolerable?” and then I felt so ashamed for even considering it, but I think she’s so hot she doesn’t let her outfits speak for her… if that makes sense. It’s kind of along the lines of what pdaervo said.

  7. I don’t understand why no one liked it…She looks great in spite of the ill-fitting dress. But I like the gold and pink nails combo. Quite hot:)

  8. I’m a straight female and I think she looks hot – some women ooze sex appeal in that natural not trying too hard way and she is one of them.

  9. lol I agree rubywoo, she’s hella hot (i’m practicing being a Northern Californian- in case i go to cal)
    but yeah, I never understand it when people call Sonam sexy- Sonam is cute 🙂

  10. I totally agree with rubywoo and pdaervo

    Neha is definitely a very sexy, confident woman, that’s why she can pull this outfit off. When you know you look good, other people know it too 🙂


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