Gucci Girl

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Natasha does a lot of high-fashion but of late, she has been favoring Gucci a whole lot more. Don’t believe us, see below!


Far Left: At Karan JOhar’s Bash
Left and Right: Economic Forum, Davos
Far Right: At Breach Candy Hospital Visiting Kareena


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t understand the point wearing all these brand names if you don’t even know how to style yourself properly. She would look 10 times better even in far more cheaper cloths if she just styled her cloths better. What is up with these socialites and their lack of fashion sense?

  2. I am sorry but I think she comes off looking atrociously silly, especially in that green cape thingamagie where she looks like she jumped out of a comic book. Some clothes work on the ramp and period.

    It feels like the story of emperor’s new clothes where people hailed his new set of clothes when he was wearing nothing.

  3. The outfits look great.

    As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw looks from Davos on the page! I work in finance, and did not expect to see looks from a the World Economic Forum make it to HHC in a million years.

    • Viral bhayani went to Davos to pap Ms. poonawalla . ROFL ….

      NatP so need to cover thos platform high heels on Actual High Heel Pages of P&P …. u get the point !


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