Dressed Up. Dressed Down.

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Natasha helped launch a health initiative on Thursday wearing an Altuzarra pink suit paired with a Zadif Eg Voltaire “Girls Can Do Anything” tee. Before attending a fashion pop-up event a few hours later, she swapped her white Delvaux bag and Aquazzura pumps for a Gucci Mickey bag and white Puma sneakers.

Liked her dressed up look a lot more. As for the latter, a dressed-down look works when it feels effortless. Hers didn’t.

Natasha Poonawalla

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. These Bollywood and page 3 celebs turn every event into a ramp to show off their designer gear. You wear a cringeworthy (cut and color are awful) suit for a health initiative and think it’s ok. Must be nice to live in a bubble. Bill and Melinda gates are 10x more wealthy than the Poonawallas. I bet none of us will be able to identify the make or brand of their clothes when they are participating in a similar initiative.

    Sorry for the rant but I have a huge problem when these page 3 types make a mockery of such sober events. First it was Kareena, now this one.

    • What is also funny is how upset people get over how someone they don’t know dresses for events they will not attend.
      Itna upset matt ho yaar, calm down! It is just a fashion blog. Lol

      • It’s also funny how ppl assume commenters on this blog don’t know big names and wont attend such events…:)

        This is all part of critiquing the outfit and it’s event appropriateness.

      • And it is also funny how people expect that a popular social platform like HHC is meant to serve a single purpose of being “fashion” only.

    • Seriously! Recently there was a pic of Bill Gates waiting in line to get a burger. Also, the Mickey Mouse themed bag carried by a grown woman unironically shows all sorts of cluelessness.

    • She is wearing a cheery pan suit, what is wrong with it and how is it event appropriate. Wearing a particular brand is her choice and normal for her stature, maybe for her Guccu is what Zara and H&M is to us. What alternative would you suggest for her? Just trying to understand the appropriateness of brand/age/ place etc.,

      • Umm how about dress in a way that doesn’t scream “I can afford Gucci”? Owning these luxurious brands is one thing but having the sensibility to wear these brands at an appropriate event is a whole different ball game. Clearly this women hasn’t aced it

  2. Someone is doing a good thing, wearing something they like, clothes that probably help them gain confidence that when they are standing up on the stage, they are looking good, “important”, “influential”. Personally, loud, statement clothes help me so people can like or dislike what I wear but can’t ignore me (probably my own confidence issue). As a female, I dress up smartly enough to standout in a room/conference full of men so no one can ignore me or force me to double my volume to be heard. Lets focus on the good work being done here rather than dressing ms Poonawalla in the most event appropriate clothing that different people perceive differently.

  3. HHC has become a top notch entertainment portal for the diversity of comments and viewpoints being aired. Great to see the gamut of emotions on display, both for and against the person featured and her sartorial preferences. I tend to agree with both sides, six of one and half a dozen of the the other! Peace!


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