Sari Style- Part Deux

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Like most other attendees, Natasha chose to wear Vikram Phadnis as well while at the designer’s anniversary celebrations. Diamond jewelry and an Alexander McQueen clutch were her accessories of choice.

Look, truth be told, if she’s selling, we are buying. But this look, not even Ms. Poonawala can make a case for. No. Just, no!

Natasha Poonawala At Vikram Phadnis’ 25th Anniversary Show-1

Natasha Poonawala At Vikram Phadnis’ 25th Anniversary Show

Natasha Poonawala At Vikram Phadnis’ 25th Anniversary Show-2

Natasha Poonawala At Vikram Phadnis’ 25th Anniversary Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • So true! But what’s more mind boggling than Mrs Poonawala’s choice is how amazing her body looks considering she was pregnant like a month ago! :O Props for that!

    • Exactly, after seeing all these outfits I only understood one thing, that Vikram Phadnis is one of the worst designers in India surviving from the past 25 years. ;

    • I guess he’s just giving people what they want….which opens up another box:
      It really saddens me that despite India’s great design talent and diversity of stunning textiles, people still prefer these sorts of traditional wear – generic, unnecessarily revealing, made of poor material, stylistically derivative, and ultimately un-sexy.

      I’d personally love to see Ms Poonawala in a stunning Parsee embroidered sari worn with her signature take on things. Traditional textiles can still be interpreted in a modern way…I mean, look at what Ankur and Priyanka of AM:PM, or Gaurang Shah of Gaurang, or Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango are doing!

  1. Terrible clothes by Phadnis 🙁
    & Natasha, Isn’t she pregnant like just two months ago. How did she manage to have such figure so quickly.

  2. Agree with the verdict that Phadnis designs are the pits. This blouse must come with a tutorial on how to wear. And what a generic sari. Can’t fathom the designer bit here!

  3. Am very surprised that a fashion blog has given so much attention to this travesty of a ‘designer’ mr Phadnis?!
    Why has his show been covered so extensively on your site when quite clearly each outfit is more horrid than the first. Can’t understand this.


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