Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

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Not so when the person in question is designer Nalandda Bhandari.

We thought that us catching her ripp off the Marchesa design would have stopped Nalannda from doing it again, but Alice from Style Asylum breaks any illusions that we may have had of Ms. Bhandari turning a new leaf!


Left: Nalandda Bhandari, Spring 2009
Right: Anna Sui, Spring 2009

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  1. I am not sure how this designer keeps getting away with this but I do love the original. The fabric and the neckline on the copy make it look awfully tacky.

  2. this is just unacceptable. i dont know if any of u have seen the lastest season of project runway in which one of the designers( kenley ) was accused of ripping off a mcqueen n balenciaga. in this day n age , how do u think u can get away with somethign like this.

  3. this is just disgraceful! there are so many of us indians who work so hard to re-create india’s image as a modern, powerful country with dedicated, hardworking people and it really only takes one Nalandda Bhandari to bring all our hardwork down the drain 🙁
    what a let down!

  4. plagiarism is such an odious thing! i dont know how these people claim 2b CREATIVE if all they do is rip off designs!!! is that how they passed their design exams? by cheating? (Assuming they went 2 design school.)

  5. I’ve always been confused about this…..

    How come these Indian designers rip of international designers so shamelessly and even have the balls to showcase it on runways with millions watching on tv and internet, not to mention the hundreds of guests at the show who may actually be international designers themselves curious about latest Indian fashion and designers…

    They must be SHOCKED and clucking away on their way back home…ready to spread stories that Indians are just copycats…afterall it only takes one rotten apple!!!

    So, again my confusion is why & how do these copycat designers get away with it and do it again and again…

  6. Why is this person allowed to show?

    People like her give designers who truly create original pieces a bad name. As an artist I ABSOLUTELY hate it when copycats are allowed to continue this…happening once could be coincidence, but the second time around is unpardonable!

  7. I love the original and I agree with the others.. Nalanda should be banned from showing at fashion weeks. What’s the difference between her and tailors?!


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